Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Saturday is tough, Sunday tougher

Weekends are tough I’ve decided. Both days are devoted to errands, spending time with Marc while maintaining relationships with my friends, blogging/journaling, catching up on bills, emails and blog-rolling. But having the job and being able to pay the bills are important too.

Have I mentioned that I think I could like this job? I got through a whole week and the only disaster was something that carried over from my last day of training. Traffic’s traffic and I just have to remember to not go too fast, just keep up with traffic. Of course, when you’re going 65 in a pack, it just feels safer to go 70 and be in front rather than in a position where you can get rear-ended or be the person doing the rear-ending. But god made cruise control for a reason and I guess that’s it. Going 70 makes me too nervous about a ticket and only decreases the commute by maybe 5 minutes, so I know it’s not worth it.

There are two people in the office realm who come from this area but there’s no chance of ride-sharing with either. One works in the HR dept. and has let me know that she keeps the two worlds entirely separate; the other works between 55-70 hours a week. I paid $2.999 for gas today, most of the stations in town are now at $3.029. I got 32 mpg this week or about 2 gallons (maybe a little more) per work day. I’ll continue to bring lunch at least 4 days a week in order to keep the costs of working in line.

I must admit to spending money, however. I ordered 3 pair of pants and 2 tops on line last week and they came yesterday. I ordered petite because I am constantly having to take up my pants; only 2 of the 3 pair need to be shortened – a really nice change for me. I went to Liz Claiborne/Elisabeth on line – you spend a few dollars more but the fit and the quality are worth it. I will order some more work clothes again in a couple of weeks. I do have to get to a shoe store though.

Yarn is my budget undoing this week. I was in Emily’s (the lys) this week and found 2 balls of Rowan Calmer in case I want to make Donna another cap – in deep purple – one of her favorite colors. I had ordered the swatch cards for Knit Picks cotton yarn, but the Calmer has a softer feel with some elasticity and I think it’s better suited for the Odessa by Grumperina – assuming the gauge will work.

I got my Cabin Cove yarn Thursday and fell in love with Dave Daniels (the person behind Cabin Cove). Dancing Violets colorway lace weight yarn. I’ll insert the picture here if I can through PhotoBucket.
Every color violet is represented here and I just love it. I also got some of his Cabin Cove colorway sock yarn for Marc. Nice rich chocolate with teal and gold/yellow. Yummy!

I’m just about finished with my onesies socks – used feather and fan for the first time – it’s a really easy lace type stitch and I’m happy. I’ll use the stretchy bind up for toe-up socks and have another pair of socks in my drawer.

The weather is miserable; chilly, mid 40’s(about 5-c) and raining. The weather forecast calls for it to be like this through mid week. It’s not freezing and you don’t have to shovel rain, so as long as I can drive without a problem, I shall not complain. But I actually did light the wood stove – first time in about a month.

I’m off to finish laundry and try uploading to Photo Bucket. Have a good week!

Blessings on all who pass this way. Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.

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