Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Life Continues (thanks be!)

Well, I have now completed 5 days at the new job; three days last week with the woman I am replacing and two days on my own. I’m feeling more confident and am, indeed, getting used to the commute. There’s a lot to learn at this job, and I am not afraid of it. It’s basically like housekeeping – you see what’s in the pantry, you know what you want to keep on hand, you see what’s being planned for current orders and you get your supply of stock back to where you’re comfortable again.

The data systems are IBM product based. The data processing system isn’t friendly – it’s something called bpcs – an AS400 based system which is not windows based and has been around for about 20 years. When the company was acquired last year or so, they even had to get rid of Microsoft Outlook for Lotus Notes – I’m surprised they have kept MS Word and Excel instead of going for the entire Lotus Office Suite. I had forgotten that IBM even had an Office Suite – they acquired Lotus some time ago.

The biggest drag is the one-hour for lunch. There is a very tiny lunchroom where the factory people eat and where the vending machines are. I have no problem sitting with the factory folk – most of them are very nice – but it’s uncomfortable and Spartan. I could stay at my desk I guess but since it’s decent weather I’ve been eating my sandwich and orange in the car while reading or knitting. It won’t work in the cold weather or in the hot – a blacktop parking lot in the full sun won’t be comfortable; nor will it work when I want to nuke a frozen delight (Lean Cuisine). I don’t want to get into the habit of taking the car on a short run to the shopping areas and fast food places at noon. It’s bad for the mileage and will cost me money – it’s already going to cost me about $40/week for gas so I need to economize.

I’ve also learned to be frugal about stuff like that. I don’t need to spend $7/day for lunch - $35 a week plus gas means I’ll be working a few hours for that $75 plus taxes. Uh uh. I can use that money for my savings nest egg and yarn budget!

Somehow I managed to mess up the feather and fan leg of my socks on Sunday night. I found it at lunch yesterday and didn’t have spare needles with me to take them off the magic loop and fix the problem. I seem to have done the pattern row on sock 1, side b and sock 2 side a – duhhhnnn – then knit another row (maybe a row and a half) around each sock in plain knit. I was too tired last night to work it so need to go now and tink (knit backwards).

I’m waiting for the sample cards I ordered last week from KnitPicks and a book so I can plan another project. I also ordered some gorgeous hand dyed yarn from Cabin Cove. I read Dave’s blog each morning – he’s done some great dying, excellent knitting, has a lovely cat (Miss Lulu Kitty) and seems to be a really nice guy. I ordered some Cabin Cove Colorway sock yarn and some Dancing Violet lace weight. I would really like to make myself a lacy stole/shawl and think the 880 yards should make something of a good size.

So, that’s my life in a nutshell. Job might prove to be enjoyable, Marc and Perry are doing well, knitting continues. Life is good. Of course, I ask you please continue to pray that I win PowerBall or MegaMillions or MegaBucks. I really do want to be financially secure and free to NOT work :)

Blessings on all who pass this way. Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.

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